How to enhance the security of garage doors?

How to enhance the security of garage doors

How to enhance the security of garage doors?

The garage doors of your home ensure the safety and security not just of your cars but also of your family. Thus, it is essential to take the garage doors’ security system equal importance as you would the main gate of your home. It would be best if you considered installing the latest security system for the garage doors of your home. For example, you could think of adding a smart door opening device to the garage doors of your home. This will ensure that that you can open the door only with the help of your smart phone. This is not just an added layer of protection but also allows you to monitor your home’s garage door remotely. If you observe any unusual activity with your garage door, you can notify the law enforcement or the police in your area, and they can take preventive steps. Thus, enhancing the security of your home’s garage doors is essential to protect your home and your family.

Some of the simplest methods for doing so are as follows:

1. Installing motion-activated floodlights

2. Installing proper locks on your garage doors

3. Installing the right quality garage doors

Installing motion-activated floodlights

One of the easiest ways of deterring burglars from entering your home is to install lights near your garage doors. Burglars prefer the blanket of darkness, and you can easily prevent it by installing floodlights. If you have motion detectors connected with the floodlights, then this will act as a significant deterrent. Any movement will cause the lights to be switched on, and automatically you will also get to know that someone is forcefully trying to gain entry to your home. You can inform the police about the forced entry and prevent any untoward incident from occurring. Many homeowners prefer installing motion-activated floodlights as the lights themselves act as deterrents; because the moment these get switched on, the burglars leave without breaking into the house. Thus, even if you are not at home and kept the motion activators switched on, you can be free of any worries that these will prevent any burglaries because, at the slightest movement, the lights will get switched on. 

Installing proper locks on your garage doors

There is no alternative to proper locks on doors to improve the security offered by doors, and the same is applicable for the garage doors of your home. This is especially true if the garage doors of your home open manually with the help of a handle. There are different locks available in the market, which you can install on your garage doors. Some of the points to consider while selecting suitable locks to enhance the security of the garage doors of your home are as follows:

1. Before you select a particular type of lock to be installed on the garage doors of your home, you should consult and hire the services of a firm that provides services like installation of doors, windows, and patio doors in your areas.

2. The executives associated with such a company can guide you regarding selecting the best quality locks for your garage doors. For example, they can guide you regarding the best quality manual lock, automatic locks, and other similar locks. They will also tell you about the functionalities and the utilities of the individual locks.

3. Depending upon the type of garage door you will have to choose a particular lock. The same lock is not suitable for all kinds of garage doors. The locks for sliding doors are different from that of roller doors.

4. The type of locks will also depend on the quality of the doors. If you are using glass as the primary material for your garage doors, then it is better that you opt for automatic locks.

5. Similarly, if you use wood as the primary material for your garage door, you can opt for manual or automatic locks.

Thus, even when you enhance your garage doors’ security by installing the latest quality locks, you must consider the type of garage doors that you have installed and the material with which the doors have been constructed.

Installing the right quality garage doors

One of the best ways to ensure that you enhance the security offered by your home’s garage doors is by installing the best quality doors. You could install steel or wooden garage doors to give an added protection and the additional security system that you are planning to add to the doors. A sturdy garage door fitted with a strong lock will work as a strong security enhancement. Burglars are thieves who will not want to break into a house with strong garage doors, which will take a long time to be breached. Hence, professionals who install doors and windows mention that garage doors should always be robust and sturdy so that burglars and thieves automatically feel discouraged from breaking in.

When it comes to enhancing garage doors’ security, you can opt for several methods like installing security cameras, motion detectors, securing the doors with more robust locks, and installing strong doors. But all the security measures will fail if you forget to lock the doors or leave your automatic keys in the car. Many experts who have been installing various security systems for garage doors mention that homeowners often make the mistake of thinking that their work towards enhancing security is completed with a robust security system. However, this often leads to more break-ins than actual break-down of the security measures. Hence, whenever you leave your home or are at home, it is essential to keep your home’s garage doors securely locked and the keys in a safe place. If you live in Edmonton, Beaumont, Sherwood Park, St. Albert, and Leduc and are thinking of enhancing the security of the garage doors of your home, then consider giving us a call at Knight Doors and Windows on 780-457-3667. You can also check-out the services we provide on our website: We assure you of any assistance you require regarding installing or improving your garage doors; you will provide per expectations. 

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