The Latest Trends in Doors and Windows

Entree doors and windows trends

The Latest Trends in Doors and Windows

If you’re looking for doors and windows in Edmonton, then check out the latest trends! We at Knight Doors & Windows  will directly help you find doors and windows that are not only stylish but also functional and safe. Discover what doors and windows work best for your home by reading this blog post to learn more about the latest trends in doors and windows!

Natural Light

Natural light is the distinguishing feature in most homes, and homeowners want to get the most out of their windows and doors. While paint color, furniture, and décor may provide more natural light in a room, homeowners should think about how effective their windows and doors are as sources of illumination.

For homeowners and industry experts, a new year provided a glaring lesson: glass panel doors are the next best option for increasing natural light in a house. We offer a wide range of options, including full lines of glass panel doors that give residents the chance to let more natural light into any area of their home, whether it’s inside or outside.


When it comes to windows, simplicity is perfect. The greatest approach to bring natural light into a house is through more glass and less obstruction. Knight Doors & Windows can arrange different large and small windows in a range of shapes to create unique designs that do not interfere with the actual glass panes.


When it comes to window products, most Canadians still prefer vinyl. Vinyl windows are a cost-effective and low-maintenance alternative that account for over 80% of all residential windows sold in Canada. Vinyl windows are designed to withstand the ever-changing Canadian climate, whether you’re constructing a new house or replacing existing ones. Exterior windows and entry door systems may be customized to match any décor while preventing water, erosion, cracking, deterioration, impact, and even strong cleaners from harming them.

The most popular interior doors for 2022 will be energy-efficient designs with a twist, according to industry experts. Homeowners are choosing to replace their internal doors for more interesting options. Canadians are becoming more aware than ever that the correct indoor doors provide significant levels of seclusion, comfort, and noise reduction within their homes. Moving into 2022, more homeowners are looking for interior doors with glass inserts as a way to increase the amount of natural light in any room.

Look no further than Knight Doors and Windows for molded and flush interior doors with incredible construction for sound reduction and privacy. This solid-core door has better sound reduction to assist reduce noise transmission in a home office, bedroom, or other area where peace and quiet is desired. Furthermore, fire ratings of 20 minutes are available on these doors.

Decorative door glass allows you to let in as much natural light as you desire without compromising privacy or security. Knight Doors and Windows have a variety of exterior doors that meet the functional requirements of a home and still make a statement about an individual’s personality.

Tradition with a Twist

The brightest trends in the door and window industry ahead of 2022 are energy efficiency and traditional tastes with a twist. Traditional designs may be modified with simple variations, but it all depends on personal taste.

The experts at Knight Doors and Windows are always on the lookout for door trends to set their doors apart from what’s currently available. When it comes time to replace doors, homeowners want something different that still maintains a classic appeal.

It is important to keep in mind that doors provide more than just access between rooms; they can also be used as an interior design statement. With doors from Knight Doors and Windows, homeowners can still have the doors they’ve always wanted while also having a home that is as energy efficient as possible.

People are looking for windows with high levels of insulation to ensure their homes stay comfortable all year long without wasting resources or money on bills every month. A new trend in doors involves more glass panes placed together, allowing natural light into multiple rooms at once instead of restricting it to one space alone.

In 2022 doors will provide both comfortability and style so homeowners can feel safe no matter what time of day it may be inside their own house! They’ll even offer sound reduction technology which allows those who work from home to continue concentrating on projects regardless if someone in another room is being too loud.

The future of window and door design is sleek and simple. Vinyl windows with a variety of distinct finishes are a cost-effective and efficient way to change up the look of one’s house. An extruded aluminum exterior on some of the windows we use gives them a clean appearance while also enhancing their style and strength.Our sophisticated and modern-looking installs will leave your home looking phenomenal. This is a scratch-resistant, protective alternative to paint that also protects the vinyl beneath. Some doors provide a natural look by reducing colour variance among numerous window units. The future of the windows and doors business is in innovative modifications to classic designs.


Doors are trending in the same simple direction. While glass windows are trending up, so are detailed fiberglass doors with a mixture of glass. Our doors can be customized to each client’s preference. With tons of models, colors, and finishes to choose from, homeowners can put their own twist on a classic door that will transform their home.

Energy Efficiency

Homeowners should see a few trends carry though from the past year, and energy efficient windows and doors are on the list.

Not only is it more environmentally friendly to generate more natural light, but it also saves money and resources. Contractors and homeowners are increasingly conscious of their carbon footprint and dedicated to reducing it, which is why they want their properties to be as energy-efficient as possible. The doors and windows we use are designed for superior efficiency, enhanced home comfort, and reduced exterior noise. We use products that are the perfect choice for our unique Canadian climate.

5. Structure

Homeowners are seeking for windows that represent a minimalist yet elegant statement. They want something contemporary yet still offers intrigue to the space. Even if it’s a modern farmhouse design with a Scandinavian aesthetic, most homeowners will want windows with clean lines and a contemporary finish. To provide a burst of natural light in a room, more reclaimed finishes, matte black hardware, and huge transparent window panels are becoming available.