What are the 10 important things to look for before buying an overhead garage door in Edmonton, Alberta?

What are the 10 important things to look for before buying an overhead garage door in Edmonton, Alberta

What are the 10 important things to look for before buying an overhead garage door in Edmonton, Alberta?

When it’s cold outside, overhead garage doors are the first layer of protection, barrier to heat loss and way to keep your Edmonton home warm. They also provide security for homeowners and can be a great investment to increase the value of your property. Before you buy an overhead door in Edmonton, there are 10 things you need to know about overhead doors and their prices.

10 important things to look for before buying an overhead garage door in Edmonton


1) Garage Door Material

It is important to know what materials are going to be used for the overhead door before you make your purchase. In harsh Edmonton winters, doors made of aluminum are a good choice because they can be insulated from the cold air.

Wood overhead doors are more popular in Edmonton, but they require a lot of upkeep over the lifetime of your home because they are susceptible to insects and decay due to weather and moisture.


2) Garage Door Style

The overhead garage door style you want will depend on what the exterior of your home looks like. If your Edmonton house is an older house, you might want to consider a traditional overhead door with panel and glass.

We offer a GARAGE DOOR STYLE STIMULATOR on our website. You can actually check the style of the overhead garage door to see the best suitability for your house type.

Here it is:


3) Garage Door Weather Seal and Insulation

When it comes to overhead garage doors in Edmonton, the weather seal is important. If you live in a cold climate, overhead garage doors should have a weather seal that is made of durable, rubber-like material. The overhead door’s weather seal will help to keep the cold air out and keep your home warm. The overhead door insulation is also very important. Ideally, overhead doors should have insulated panels, ranging in insulation values of R6.5 to R20.4 to help keep your Edmonton home warm.


4) “Show and Tell” Quote

Always get a “show and tell” quote. Let the overhead garage door company visit your Edmonton home to review your existing door and provide options for new garage doors for your climate. You’ll get an idea of overhead door styles and prices before buying an overhead garage door, plus they will be able to answer any questions that you might have about overhead doors. On site, they will be able to take measurements and give you a quote at the spot.


5) Garage Door Opener Mechanism

Make sure your overhead door comes with a garage opener mechanism that is easy to use. If changing the garage door, it can be a good idea to change the opening mechanism as well. Ask our sales consultants. The overhead door should have the following features:

– Keyless entry for convenience and security

– A transmitter for operating the new operator to be placed in your vehicles

– A quality overhead garage door opener display for programming and troubleshooting overhead doors.

If you have any questions about our overhead garage doors in Edmonton, feel free to contact us.


6) Heavy Duty Spring

Another important overhead door feature is the overhead door spring. The overhead garage door springs should be heavy-duty material so that they can withstand long-term use without breaking. The rating of the spring should correspond with overhead garage door size and weight. The number of cycles a spring is rated for is also important.

A good overhead garage door spring should last at least 20,000 cycles to be considered a quality overhead door. A cycle can consist of one opening and closing overhead garage door. So if you open your overhead garage doors twice per day on average, then the overhead garage door springs will last approximately four years.


7) Garage Door With Windows

If your overhead garage door has windows, then make sure the overhead door is constructed with quality material and insulated glass. This will help to keep cold air out and heat inside of your home. The design needs to be specifically for an overhead garage door with windows. Your house aesthetics will completely change for the good.


8) Garage Door Installation

Finally, overhead door installation. You don’t want to hire just anyone for overhead garage doors in Edmonton, because they will need experience installing them. The overhead garage door installers should have years of experience and expertise when it comes to overhead garage door installation. The workmanship standards should be complimented by reviews and backed by the installation company. It is a matter of your safety in case the door is not installed to the proper overhead door installation standards.


9) Silent Garage Doors

If you are looking for an extra silent garage door, ensure the rollers are quiet and that overhead garage doors have a good seal. Look for overhead door insulation as well, which will provide extra sound reduction. Rollers made of nylon, plastic, or urethane are best for overhead door seals and overhead garage doors.


10) Basketball Hoop over the Garage Door

Finally, don’t forget the basketball hoop that is put on the wall above your garage door. When your kids play there, they will mark/dent the garage door with the basketball. Choose the garage door with enough strength to avoid overhead garage door damages and scratches.


One last important thing

One of the most overlooked features, when you buy overhead doors, is how it will look at night with your home’s exterior lighting. If you have a dark-colored home, make sure that the overhead door is bright in color.


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