8 Direct Benefits of a New Garage Door Installation

8 Direct Benefits of a New Garage Door Installation

8 Direct Benefits of a New Garage Door Installation

Direct benefits of a new garage door installation are as following:

  • Safety and Security
  • Strength
  • Bug entry prevention
  • Heat seal
  • Stray animal entry protection
  • Aesthetics appeal
  • Noise-free operation
  • Financial Benefits

Safety and Security

Garages are often attached directly to the home, and many of us keep items in our garages that need to be protected from theft. Garage doors by Knight Doors and Windows are perfect for a precision fit and keeping what’s on the outside, out. Ensure your garage is secure by replacing older doors with newer ones designed to prevent thieves from gaining access. A sturdy, insulated replacement garage door offers fantastic protection and better security.


Most older garage doors require fresh paint and repairs annually to keep them sturdy and strong. Free up your time and eliminate this burden with doors specifically designed to withstand the elements. Modern doors are often equipped with a range of safety features to protect you, your family and your guests. Replacement doors may also help you save some cash on insurance. our strong healthy backs won’t last forever and the last thing we want is to waste them doing annoying tasks like fixing a garage door. Let us handle it.

Bug entry prevention

Bugs are annoying. Unfortunately, many garage owners are met with unwanted pest infestations. Once these pests make their way into a garage, they can destroy your belongings, damage the structural integrity of the room and may make their way into your main living space if not stopped. If you are suffering from a garage pest infestation, one of the best ways to solve the issue is by opting for a quality door installation.

Heat seal

People often disregard their garage doors and garages when it comes to preparing for Alberta’s harsh winter. Why? Do you want to be warm? Good, so do we. A crucial step to take in order to stay nice and toasty in the winter (and all the time) is to get your garage door professionally installed or reinstalled! Installing good insulation will keep the warm air in your garage and kick the moisture out while regulating the temperature.

Stray animal entry protection

We all love animals here, but sometimes they can be dangerous! Keeping strays away from your garage is important not only for your safety, but for their safety too. Having a garage door that was installed with care and precision will nearly guarantee that stray animals don’t come crawling in when you’re not looking.

Aesthetics appeal

An added benefit of having a professional grade garage door installation is the beauty and desirability it adds to your home. A beautiful garage door will not only make your home more appealing, but it will also make it more valuable in every aspect. It will upgrade your home and make nearby drivers and guests do a double take.

Noise-free operation

At Knight Doors and Windows, we offer premium grade installation services, and noise free garage doors. If you have a teen who likes sneaking out, maybe this isn’t the option for you, but, if you enjoy peace and quiet every chance you get, hate creaky sounds and you’re tired of hearing the garage door sound like a goat wailing even though you’re in the kitchen, this is the option for you.

Financial Benefits

It’s often disregarded that a new garage door could generate the best return on investment (ROI) when reselling your home. A better garage door replacement has the potential to recoup more than 100% of its initial cost! Who doesn’t love money? Get a new garage door. Get it installed by us.

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