Are You Safe From Thieves?


Are You Safe From Thieves?

Like many people, you probably keep a lot of valuable items in your garage.  But when it comes to security, are you safe from thieves?  

How to Keep Your Home Safe from Thieves

  1. Change up your remote location.

    Most of us tend to keep our garage door remotes in the worst spot – in our car.  It’s hanging from your visor or is just kicking around in your glove box, right?  Well, most thieves know that this is where we keep them and always look there first.  

    Solution:  Switch it up and replace it with a keychain remote.  

    You will have to check with your garage operator manufacturer to see their available options.  If you have a LiftMaster operator, check out the 374UT.  It just might help keep your house safe!



  2. Resetting to “factory setting” isn’t always best.

    Have you just recently moved into your home?  Have you had issues with your operator and needed to rest it?  You may have thought it was just easier to keep the factory settings.  Bad idea!  You’re leaving your garage and your home open to intruders.

    Solution:  Change that code pronto!

    Reset the code to something less generic that you will remember.  If you need assistance changing the code, here is a little video to help you out.

  3. Leavin’ on a jet plane.

    Do you travel a lot?  Are you like everyone else who shares it with the world when you are?  You might have more to worry about than packing your sunscreen.  If thieves choose that time to canvas neighbourhoods for doors they can open, you may be in trouble.

    Solution: Unplug to show the love.

    The love of your items in your garage and home, that is.  Unplug the garage door motor before you leave.  This will help keep unwanted visitors out .  Just remember you unplugged it when you get home!


  4. You would be surprised how many uses there are for a coat hanger…

…And getting into your garage is another one.  If you have windows in your garage door, it’s not hard for a thief to use a wire hanger to trigger the carriage of your operator.  

Solution:  Tie it up.

Using an item such as a zip tie, a thin wire, or even a small piece of rope, tie the level to the carriage assembly.  This can create just enough inconvenience to discourage thieves and move on.

Sources: Garaga | LiftMaster


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