Window types for Edmonton homes in 2021

Window types for Edmonton homes in 2021

Window types for Edmonton homes in 2021

What is the right window for my home in Edmonton?

This is a question that many Edmonton homeowners ask themselves when deciding on window replacements! We have compiled a list of various window types to help you make an informed decision. 

This is a list of what we think are the best windows for Edmonton homes in 2021. 

Triple pane windows 

Windows with three panes separated by an air space or ideally argon gas to provide added insulation. These are great for those living in Edmonton because they do not lose heat as quickly as other windows during the cold winter months due to their increased insulation.

Single Hung Windows

Windows where the bottom sash can be moved up or down to provide ventilation. This is an ideal option if you want your view unobstructed, but also need some airflow in the warmer months. 

Casement Windows

Windows that open by swinging outward from one or both sides of a home, typically with an overlapping sash. 

Sliding Windows

Windows that slide open horizontally, typically on a track. These are great for providing ventilation and giving you better views of the outside world.

Awning windows

Windows set at a sloping angle like traditional attic vents which allow more light into your room than a typical window. They also offer less headroom intrusion when opening them. Ideally used in kitchens and bathrooms, however, does not meet egress requirements for bedrooms.

Bay Windows

Windows with three units stacked together to form an L shape in your house can add architectural interest and be good for providing natural light since they have multiple surfaces facing outwards.

Custom Windows

Windows that come in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials. These are great because they were made specifically for your Edmonton home so you can choose the type of window that is best suited to your needs.  These would include curved, round, trapezoid, or other shapes.

Energy Smart Windows

Windows that have been designed to lower heating costs and do not lose warmth through the window frame.

Insulated Windows

Insulating a window properly can be difficult but it will help reduce heat loss and save on monthly bills when living in Edmonton. You should look into replacing old single pane or double hungs as soon as possible for better insulation of cold air during the winter months if you live in Edmonton. There are many types of insulated windows available including triple pane models that offer excellent insulation properties especially against colder climates like those found in Edmonton.

Low E Windows

New windows types are available on the market with low emissivity or “low e” glass which is designed to reflect heat, cold and UV rays so you don’t need an expensive window treatment while also blocking light in order to protect your privacy. These are great for those who want their view unobstructed but still have some kind of insulation properties from extreme temperatures outside.

Overall, if you live in a house built before 1978 then it’s time to get thinking about replacing them! Windows play important roles when determining how much energy is lost through your home during winter months by keeping warm air inside your house.

We hope this list of window types provides you a better understanding of your options in for an Edmonton home. For more information about these products, take a look at our windows page. We work with the top window manufacturers in Edmonton. If you have any questions or would like to book a consultation, please call us at 780-457-3667 (Edmonton). Would like to visit our showroom? Look forward to welcome you at 2828 Ellwood Dr. SW!